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I've exhausted several other procrastination methods already, leaving an LJ post as the next reasonable alternative.

I'm the ML for Kentucky Elsewhere this year again, and it is going great. I'm even keeping up and ahead on my wordcount thanks to Write or Die and having spent a couple of weeks thinking through a plot/ characters/ outline this year. Even not being able to write Fridays, I am a day ahead on the wordcount now. And my region has some fun people in it. All very cool.

In other news, I can report that Sam Adams Winter Pack has Chocolate Bock and Fezziwig Ale, which rock, Holiday Porter and Winter Lager which are okay, and Boston Lager and Winter Ale which are only good after your taste buds are dead from drinking too much of the others. And Bell's Best Brown Ale has a very inspirational picture of an Owl on the packaging, but as a drink is way too hoppy for me. (Liquid inspiration, all.)

Lastly, a lot of the Firefly soundtrack makes a good Nano soundtrack for me. Not all, just the sad sounding ones.

Hope everyone is having a great November. Anyone else doing Nano? I caught this addiction from some of you on my f-list, you know.
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