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November is over, and I am slowly finding other time wasters besides the obvious and useful one of checking my region forum on the Nanowrimo site. This is one I mentioned some time ago-- I got a new desk. A shiny desk. A desk in need of something to hang in front of it to hide my legs from passers by (it sits with its back to the wall, facing out into the room.) I decided (with apologies to anyone who feels this desecrates his or her heritage) that what it really needed was a flag. A dragon flag. A Welsh dragon flag, to be exact.


I really should look into how to display images on this journal properly. But that's a time waster for another time.

For anyone who still cares, I've started again on "In Loco Parentis," applying some insights from my work on my original novel during Nanowrimo. If my poor betas remember who I am, I may start having things to post again soon on that score. More to the point, I've thought about where the story needs to go and how I'm going to get the characters there. Not that I'd never thought about it, but after long stretches of not being in that space, it's easy to forget that original vision.

Hope all of you are well.

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