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My husband and I were talking about the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who, and he admitted that he has not seen the old (pre Christopher Eccleston) series. I myself saw some of the Tom Baker back in high school as PBS reruns, but not enough to remember storylines, or much of anything really.

So we were both wondering: is there a good rec list out there somewhere of what episodes new fans of the show simply Must See? Or do some of you have recs for us?

In other hobgoblinn news, did I mention I got that full time faculty job at Gateway after all? They called in mid September after one of their people moved to another position and they needed someone to cover her classes and pick up some more. I got a light load taking over in mid term and was able to almost finish my 2 classes at NKU. Still have the final paper in one, but end of term stuff pushed it to the back burner.

I'm just now meeting my new boss, who took off for maternity leave a couple of days after I started, and she seems much nicer now that she's not interviewing me. I'm course manager for an online Comp 101 class and may get to teach a Shakespeare class in the fall.

Life is cool. Thanks to all for best wishes and advice.
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