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For those who care, a revised Chapter 3 and a new Chapter 4 of "No Malicious Haunting," my sequel to "Lost Boys" is up. Ch 3 makes some corrections I got after I posted it. I didn't remember that deleting and reposting a corrected version would make it see the installment as a "new" posting. Ch 4 is new to everyone, though.

Also, anyone who uses Scrivener, have you noticed that it does not catch a lot of spelling errors? I'm seeing them only when I post to FF net, which is kind of sad. I admit, I do use the red underline/ squiggles to alert me to spelling problems. Scrivener gives me some, but by no means all. Any idea why?

Wee Hob is coming back today from a SAREX with his Civil Air Patrol buddies. We are so awash in acronyms these days in the hobgoblinn household. Stands for "Search and Rescue Exercise." He's doing well. There's some drama in the scout troop, but I don't want to go there now.

Happy weekend to all.
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For anyone who's following this new story, Chapter 2 is up: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4737639/2/

I'm still house hunting with my Beloved, enjoying his company and that of Wee Hob, and preparing for my faculty meeting tomorrow (also having some interesting dreams about blackboards too high for me to reach....) Doing a bit of reading in my not so infinite spare time. I highly recommend A History of US by Joy Hakim to anyone who wants a readable, thoughtful look at our history. It's written at about a 5th grade level, but it's really well done, and I like how it incorporates some less mainstream aspects of history without (usually) beating you upside the head with it. By less mainstream, I of course mean history of folks who were not white males. Fascinating stuff.

If I don't get out here later in the week to do it, Happy New Year to all.
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Just a quick drive by to say "Happy Christmas" to all, and that mine is so far going great. Studying for my new job, house hunting with my Beloved, and just being able to spend so much time with him and Wee Hob has really been lovely.

But I had promised repeatedly that I would get the Sequel to Lost Boys posted by Christmas, and I think the first 12 chapters or so are in good enough shape to justify beginning to post it. I will try to get more up during the next week or so, but chapter 1 is up now. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sahiya and [livejournal.com profile] research_girl ages ago for reading through what I had and offering suggestions a very long while back. If I rushed a little bit now not rereading those and applying more of them, I hope they and you will forgive me.

In Loco Parentis is still in the works, and [livejournal.com profile] gillo has my next section of my Summer of Giles story in her capable beta hands. Thanks to everyone for kind words, encouragement and feedback on all my work. It means a lot when people take the time. Hope you enjoy this short intro to the new story.

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