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I survived the Boy Scout Dinner. I'd tell you all about it, but I'm repressing. Sadly, the pain in my back is making the repression a bit difficult. Wee Hob done pretty good, though, as designated Trash Guy. Even if I found it hilariously ironic that he was so happy doing it there, when he has expressed the opinion at home that having to take out the trash is some violation of his Civil Rights.

I know I have some visually oriented folks on this f-list-- can any of you point me to pretty pictures I might load into Scrivener for inspiration on In Loco? Snape, Privet Drive set, young Dan Radcliffe (are there pictures of him as a very young child?), Dursley actors, drawings of any or all the above? Somehow, I don't seem to need or want images of Hermione-- I'll have to go into it in another post sometime, but she's never struck me as a physical presence like the other characters-- she exists in the books, on paper far more substantially. Maybe because she's almost an "in loco authoris" figure (if that's even correct Latin. I'm too groggy to want to look it up.) I just see her differently somehow and accept her that way just fine.

At any rate, I'd be ever so grateful for any suggestions.
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Just random stuff for a Friday evening. I had my hair re-cut tonight-- I Really didn't like the bob. So now it's-- er-- shorter. I'll let it grow in the back and keep it layered on the top and sides a while. Though it will take a while for it to grow out again.

Wee Hob's in the doghouse again. Little matter of Homework. And he's acting like I am being unreasonable for being upset. I finally sent him to his room until he could be rational and tell me WTF is going on here. We'll have plenty of time to discuss it tomorrow morning in the car on the way out to Independence for the Boy Scout Dinner. He's sulking that I made him come in from the woods when I got home, but he will have to Get Over It.

Scrivener continues to be the Coolest Program Ever. I think what I like most is how you can start using it right away pretty intuitively, then say-- gee-- wish I could do This-- and look up in the help menu or tutorial how to do that one thing. I went through the tutorial, but the type is a little too small, and will be until next week when I get my new glasses, so I kinda-- skimmed. I really like how easy it is to get text into it from other sources-- I cut and pasted the versions on ff net in as reference and to keep the whole story together. I'm going to dump the "Lost Boys" sequel in there this weekend, and some original stuff. Will probably break down tonight and just buy the damn license, too. I really need to look into getting a Mac that is really and truly Mine, not belonging to my employer, even if they are pretty clear they don't want to buy anymore Macs for new people (if we ever get any) and would love to phase these out. I might offer to purchase this one outright. Used about a year-- what would the going rate on that be for a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.4.11?

And "Lost Boys" is rapidly approaching 10,000 hits ("In Loco" blew past that some time ago.) I like being able to see that people are actually reading my stuff, even if they don't all leave reviews.

What's going on in your world?
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I did indeed cut my hair yesterday, donating my 10 inch ponytail to "Locks of Love" and getting a free cut in return, though I didn't know about that part until I tried to pay at the end. I got something called a "bob" and I'm not entirely sure I like it. But I can go back anytime in the next couple of weeks and get it re-cut, so I think I'll live with it another few days, anyway.

And last night I ran across the most Amazing program. I downloaded the 30 day trial and, Dude. This is going to be my birthday present to me. It Really Rocks. Between this new tool, into which I imported the disjointed mess that is "In Loco Parentis," and the fact that LJ was not letting me in all night, I got the first half of Ch 7 banged out. I think lost text will be significantly less a danger with this tool, plus it allows me to look at multiple things at once and start fresh on a new page when I need to. I was doing a lot of the same organizing before, but with multiple open documents. And it has a kind of advanced "Write Room" interface-- a word processor where it's just you and the text, not all the other toys and gadgets on your desktop to distract your attention. Plus a lot of other features I can see definite possibilities for.

One very cool feature I want to use, as soon as I find some good image files, is the Research Section, where you can store notes, photos, even quicktime and audio files. I can stick an image in the right hand side of the viewer and have it up on my screen while I'm writing. There's some screen shots on the link above-- see the creepily atmospheric castle? Anybody who has/ knows where I might lay my hands on suitable files, please let me know.

Finally, with regard to my "Summer of Giles" Poll: Thanks to all who voted and commented. I've said before, crossing the Buffyverse with the Potterverse is fraught with difficulty, not least because the ridiculous aspects of both combine to a kind of critical mass far too quickly. And I don't write shipfic, much less slash. And just about any concept I can come up with intersecting the worlds, I've seen done. So, no. I won't be doing a crossover. I'll rewatch the series over the next few weeks, and I'll start dusting off my 06 Nano novel, probably availing myself of my new noveling tool to get a handle on the material.
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