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Tagged by [livejournal.com profile] angelmischa. Here are my top 5 favorite books, that I can remember in my current state of extreme stress and beer induced wooziness. Due to said wooziness, they are in no particular order:
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I won't tag anyone, but if you do it, ping me with a link, as I may be a bit busy this weekend.
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I think this is a slightly different list than the one currently making the rounds, but I cannot make myself do the formatting required manually just now. But if anyone wants to see it, there it is. Maybe next year.

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Oct. 8th, 2007 09:58 pm
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Yeah, Okay. I'll bite. Here's my list. Stuff I've read is bolded. Stuff I want to read is underlined. Stuff I read but couldn't finish is italicized and stuff I didn't like is strike through. ETA - I'm told * are for read more than once. I'll count those Started more than once, as well.

I can see a lot of stuff I never would have read but for class, mostly in high school. Also, it's got to really leave an impression for me to hate a book. I might give up on it, but that's a very different thing.

I've been trying lately to get myself to a place where I can read and get through James Joyce. As a concept his writing sounds fascinating-- using images and ideas almost like musical themes that recombine later in unexpected ways. But even though I can sometimes (with help) glimpse the structure, I can't muster the effort necessary to persevere. Maybe I need to find a lj community devoted to reading Joyce or something. Given the insanity in the world at large, there's doubtless such a group out here.

Scary how many of these I have never even heard of, too....

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