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I'm busy tonight uploading photos to the Cincinnati Play Me, I'm Yours website, but I thought I'd take time out to share the video SP made and uploaded to YouTube. Someone asked what I play traveling to all these pianos (I'm at 32 of 42 now and have played one every day since they came out on the 9th.) This is the arrangement of Simple Gifts I wrote a couple of years ago for a friend's wedding (well, not exactly-- it's different every time I play it.) This was my farewell to the Piano under the Bridge at Sawyer Point last night.


YouTube Link: hobgoblinn playing Simple Gifts

Oh-- here's the main Website for Play Me, if anyone wants to see some cool photos and comments, not just of me:

Cincinnati Play Me, I'm Yours
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Finally, since I am more "back" now as a denizen of LJ, I have been casting about for a name for my Beloved. I wanted to call him "Saint Patrick", as anyone who cheerfully drives all over town with an obsessed Hobgoblinn deserves the title, but he objected that such a name put too much pressure on him. He'd prefer "Sinner Patrick." I shall call him SP and let his actions speak for him. Have I mentioned how very lucky I am?
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The big day is finally here! More to the point, the Pianos are here! Luke Jerram's public art installation, "Play me, I'm Yours" has come to Cincinnati. Here's a link.

My ambition since I first began hearing about this last month (on the local NPR stations, incessantly) was to play ALL the pianos set up all over town. Looking over the locations now, I may have to cough up the money for a ticket to a Reds game to get to that one, as it's inside the ballpark. But all the rest look fairly accessible.

I hit three today, all within a block of my work. I should be able to get the ones in Downtown and Northern Kentucky by the end of the week. Then the road trips will begin.

And yes, I am still writing on my HP stories, too. I'm not neglecting them while I play with the shiny new pianos.....

Wish me luck. I have until August 27 on most of them, and into September on the rest.

Update: there are 35 up until the 27th, and another 7 from then until September 17th.
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