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Didn't occur to me until reading [livejournal.com profile] secondalto's journal tonight that someone might want to know Wee Hob and I are okay after the storms. In fact we are amongst the 1/10 or so Ft. Thomas customers who actually have power. Wee Hob's favorite climbing tree was a lot shorter when we got home last night, and the apartment complex completed the job today. But we got off relatively unscathed. Lucky we were working the Ladies' Society Bingo for the church when it all started.

The damage all over is pretty impressive, though. I was bummed that my work had electricity, when so many other worthier places, like several of my friends' and cow orkers' houses, did not.

Wee Hob's school called at 5 am on their nifty automated phone bank system to tell me they were calling off school due to most buildings having no power. I think the ancient Greeks did fine holding class outside, and that the Ft. Thomas ISD could and should make do in a similar fashion. I also think they could have waited until my alarm went off at 6 to bother me with the news. But I did get a laugh later when Wee Hob called, all out of breath, to tell me he had overslept and run halfway to school before a passing car told him school had been cancelled.... I said, "Yes dear. I told you that this morning when I gave you your meds...."

Hope everyone is safe wherever you are. And that if you have power out, the people in your area know that when traffic lights are dead, you treat them as A Four Way Stop. Dude. I am a safe driver, which is why the ticket I got a couple of days ago during a traffic sweep makes me so angry. I was slowing and getting ready to exit, and the cop got me and the guy in front of me for not shifting lanes to give them proper right of way where they had some other poor bastard pulled over by the side of the highway. Or something. I'm sure I'll rant more about it in the days to come, when Campbell County District Court is actually answering its phone again.

3 days, 4 hours, 5 minutes..... Not that I'm counting or anything.
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And this comes as no surprise.

Winnie the Pooh Meme )

In other news, I am weathering the Blizzard quite well. As a native of Dallas-Fort Worth, where 3 inches of snow happened only a couple of times in my childhood and was a Big Deal, the 7 we've got so far is kinda cool. I was a moron yesterday to go in to work, though in my defense, it was not doing Anything when I left. Took a very long time to get back home, even leaving early. And Cincinnati drivers are seriously deranged. But I have no need or desire to get out today, so all shall be well. Really. Hope everyone else is safe and snug.

Think I'll try to get some writing done today.

ETA: Wee Hob is Tigger. Is anybody surprised?
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I don't know if or how I would use it, but I just wanted to check my not so vast knowledge of climate/ conditions in other parts of the world.

In California, what are the season changes like? Are there any to speak of? I would imagine the leaves don't turn the firey bright colors they do here in the midwest.

What about London? Bath? What does it look like where You are right now?

There have been breathtaking firery red/orange/gold leaves this year in Northern Kentucky, and there's a particularly stunning one outside the window nearest my cube today. Made me wonder what Giles would make of the sight, and what it might cause him to think about.

Hey, I've got to get more than 10 words today, which means I need an Idea....

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