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I wrote the following for a ghost story competition our writer's club recently held. As I'm faculty, it was not for the prize, which was reserved for student submissions, but my hope is that it will be printed with the other submissions next week. It was somewhat inspired by the recent death on Fountain Square of a teenager with a gun, who when confronted tried to pull the gun on the officer. By all accounts he was a "good kid" who made a "bad decision."

Oh-- and I will be back for Nanowrimo. I have a story outline and everything. Everything, that is, but time.

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Not the right time of year for this, but I was thinking about it, and how we humans make stories. So--

I was driving with my son the other night, and he was talking about a video he’d seen recently-- “The Hound of the Baskervilles.” And he noted that there was less talk about science in this story, and more about supernatural stuff. And talk turned to how ghost stories start in the first place. I told him that usually, ghost stories start with some real event, that gets embellished over time. And he said, “How could that happen?” So I gave him a real life example. And then-- he gave me his own. And it was amazing.

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We make stories for lots of reasons. To comfort us. To share our beliefs about how the world is. To make sense of an often nonsensical existence. We wouldn’t write or tell our tales, if we didn’t need to do it on some basic level. And we wouldn’t read others’ tales, unless it filled something inside us.

So I put it to you, writers and readers-- what do you need? And when was the last time you thought about how those needs, and the needs of the audience, fit into your stories?
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