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First things first-- by a happy coincidence, my first entry on Live Journal happens to also to have occurred on the natal day of one [livejournal.com profile] gileswench. So I shout out a happy birthday to her and a thanks for her gracious welcome to fandom, her good wishes and friendship over these many months.

Second thing-- as I note above, I first dove into this community of readers and writers exactly 2 years ago. It gave me an enormous creative boost, and I count so many of you among my friends-- virtual yes, but friends nonetheless.

I don't have much profound to note about the anniversary this year. It's been about 2 months since I first got the bright idea to send an email to Mr. Goodfellow (*name may change; there were so many great ones suggested and he hasn't weighed in with a final choice yet) and propose that we meet while I was home to catch up. Life is really funny, sometimes. So there's another anniversary, and maybe it will change my life in good ways, just as my coming out here did. We can hope, anyway.

So tonight, I wish all of you hope, and courage to dream and to try new things. And I thank you for being part of my virtual life.
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Administrative matters first-- I just made a Friends List Cut. Mostly communities, or people who had never friended me back, or people I hadn't read or heard from in a long while. Or that I thought fell into one of those categories. However, my beloved and I have pretty well established that early onset Alzheimer's is a possibility where I am concerned. So if I de-friended you and you feel strongly about it, let me know. I just am not keeping up with reading these days and am getting pretty overwhelmed.

Work, and Resume )
Finally, things are going pretty well in hobgoblinn's life at the moment. )

Hope everyone else is doing well. I need to go start dinner, and write some application letters.
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LJ provides me a service. I would never have paid for it on my own, but when some nice friend gave me a year of paid time, I kinda liked the new features. I like keeping up with online friends and communities with similar interests. I like having one place to go to catch up on things, and friends whose posts are a nice mix of real life and writing/fandom/fiction. Maybe other places would offer that (I just got offered a free journal at journalfen, and I know some folks who have moved to wordpress blogs), but I am disinclined to put a lot of effort and time into finding that "better place." Unless someone like [livejournal.com profile] antennapedia tells me about a viable alternative, or asks me to help test it, I doubt I'll be trying anything new anytime soon.

So, I have to say I pretty much agree with liz marcs on this one. I, too, noticed that Good Friday might be a slower day anyway, or could reasonably be blamed for a dip in traffic. And I'm not that up in arms about most of LJ's transgressions here. Better communication is always good, but they do seem to have taken the reasonable criticisms to heart already. And some of the criticisms seem to be a little on the unreasonable side. Some of the references to nationality leave a bad taste in my mouth, as well.

So, I may post Friday; I may not. It'll have nothing to do with Truth, Justice, or the American Way. And I'll wish all those moving on good luck and hope you keep in touch.

That's all I had to say, really. Life's too short for this kind of thing. I prefer to pick my battles.
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I haven't gotten any e-mails at yahoo from live journal in the past day or so, but I have gotten several comments and messages in that time. Just me, or what?

Just wondering.


UPDATE:It's not getting filed in bulk mail, so not a spam trap issue. Oh well. Maybe I will take Antenna up on that google thing....
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