Jun. 14th, 2008 10:00 am
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Just some random stuff for the week that was.

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Well, I have some work to get done before I go out to the ballpark. Hope to revise a bit of ILP 8 and finish ch 9. And get started on editing my Summer of Giles Epic. I've recently joined a WIP finishing community, and a rolling ficathon where you have to complete a chapter the last Monday of each month. I really need to get something resembling a work ethic. Ah well. Happy Saturday to all.
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In which wee hob does something right. )
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Well, last night I managed to finish "Lost Boys." I still need a final line, but the content is there; it goes where I wanted it to. The word "Hoover" does not begin to convey the suckage of the piece, of course, but that may because of the conditions under which the variant versions of Ch14, in variant points of view, were welded together. I spent the night with the Scouts at a local sports complex, overseeing a lock-in event. We had about 40 boys there-- our troop plus a few Webelos who will be crossing over to our troop in the spring. I got home at 6 this morning and woke up at 1:00 this afternoon. We have a huge troop.

I kept myself awake (who am I kidding? The guys did that) by fetching them pitchers of soft drinks in the bar and writing while they were out on the climbing wall, the aeroball court (a kind of basketball/ volleyball played on 4 individual trampolines by 4 players separated by mesh netting walls), the indoor soccer field, the pool, the basketball court, the kid tunnels. Wee hob didn't start to fade until about 5:30-- he was bouncing around with his pals all night having a great time. I actually was okay until about 3, when I realized I had lost the facility for coherent thought. That's when I put away my computer....

Anyway, I'm not happy with Ch12, but if I can't get the spots smoothed out by day's end, I'll probably post it anyway. That was a mean cliffhanger and I don't want to leave it too long. It's really just a couple of paragraphs I don't like the sound of, but nothing better is coming to mind.

How's your weekend going?
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