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Holiday weekend has been a welcome respite from the craziness of my work lately. One of the cool things I did yesterday afternoon was walk down to Starbucks (much easier with my shiny new lighter laptop and backpack) and work on importing all my writing into Scrivener projects. I only have Pages on this machine for another couple of weeks, so I need everything I'm going to want to keep converted to Word before then. And as long as I'm converting, I may as well also import the files into my new noveling software.

Fic Wittering - Summer of Giles )

I still need to post a long treatise on the work situation, but I can't bring myself to do it now. It's too peaceful and lovely out now to dredge it all up. Wee Hob and I have a Parade tomorrow with the Scouts, then Indiana Jones now that we've almost finished watching the originals (Wee Hob had never seen Raiders. Ever.)

Say, has anyone else gotten a private message from a [livejournal.com profile] jonah8079 saying something about having something for you? They sent a PM and then followed up with a journal comment. But I have no idea who or what this person is. When they first posted, I went to their journal to see if I could figure it out, and there was nothing. Now there are a couple of generic music I like posts. It's just strange, is all.

I said "Lazy Sunday" but I sang this morning and need to get ready to go back again. Hope everyone has a lovely day/ holiday.
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"There will be no having of any kind....."

Yes, well. It's been a year since I joined this great whirligig of fun known as Live Journal (and other, less complimentary names, depending on its behavior and my flist's moods). If I haven't thanked you folks recently for your entertaining posts, comments, friendship and support lately, shame on me. Thanks, everyone.

And a special Happy Birthday to the great and wonderful [livejournal.com profile] gileswench, whose natal day this also happens to be!

I should try to post something slightly profound today, given the significance of the date. Well, okay, how about this: what I'm really thinking about today is how we go about launching ourselves into the telling of tales. To get an idea and post a start to a story takes a tremendous amount of faith as a writer. (Or maybe that would be temporary insanity. I'm not clear on that point.)

To start reading a WIP takes a tremendous amount of faith too, as a reader. I can't count (not being a math major) the number of times I've started reading a brilliantly written and conceived story-- that stalls. The Transformations Quartet springs to mind. So does [livejournal.com profile] liz_marcs's "Water Hold Me Down" (possibly the best title I've ever seen. Not to mention a damn good story.) I've had some stalled tales, myself, most notably my first novel, started in grad school and then abandoned for over 20 years. Still have no idea how it ends.

I've got a couple of WIPs I'm working on now, including the Nano06 novel. But here's the weird part-- every single time I pick up my pen or my laptop, after a tale has stalled, and somehow new stuff comes to me, I'm surprised.

It's like, I struggle so hard to write a scene, and nothing comes, and then one day, for no reason at all, something clicks, and I write it. It's not Hemingway, but it's also usually not bad. At least, I can work with it. It's devilishly hard to edit what's not written, after all.

I invite you to share your moments of grace, if you care to. Or those of you with seriously stalled fics-- how did those start for you? What were you working out with them at the time, and what's changed since? I'd love to see liz answer that-- almost asked on her journal today, but didn't want to seem to be pressuring her. I know real life plays a role-- you can't receive the inspiration if you're too exhausted at the end of the day to write it all down.

And I will share one more bit of thanks. Doubtless she's regretting her generosity now that she's slogged through the start of the Nano Novel, but [livejournal.com profile] gillo has graciously agreed to beta it for me. I am learning a great deal about my bad habits, how to avoid them, and how in general to be a better beta reader myself. Watch this space. Once I have a completed draft, I'm going to take her early comments to heart, fix what can be fixed, and start posting.

Thanks again to all, and good night.

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Well, I have got a ton written on my Ethan-fic (which okay, it's going to round out the nano Novel too. Hope everyone's okay with that.) I find myself switching from writing to playing the piano, especially when I get stuck, or when the new music that I'm getting starts playing incessantly in my head. I'm really happy to have the long weekend to work through all this. I spent most of Friday night writing out the opening scene, which was a rewrite and continuation of where I got stuck on the nano novel, most of Saturday rereading the Nano Novel from the beginning (some good parts there, and some usable themes. Huh. Who knew?) and trying to write Part 2. Today I hope to finish Part 2 and get a solid start on the Part 3 draft. We'll see how it goes. There is a wee hobgoblinn underfoot to consider.

And tomorrow, I get to have lunch with that goddess of fanfic herself, [livejournal.com profile] nwhepcat. A woman whose talent, and consistency and especially Work Ethic puts this poor hobgoblinn to shame. This will be a first for me -- I've never met any internet friends in the flesh, and only a couple know my real name and address. Wee Hob will be off working a church festival as a Boy Scout. Which is good, because I doubt either of us would get a word in edgewise, otherwise.

I just saw [livejournal.com profile] antennapedia's telegram and replied. Glad to know I'm not alone in my sufferings. Well back to it. I have an hour before my night singing gig. Am thinking I will skip the fireworks this year by the River afterward. I no longer live where I can avoid the crazy traffic. And I'll probably have more ideas while I'm dozing during the homily I'll need to write down....

Happy Sunday to all.

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That would be me, looking in the mirror today.

Writing is frustrating. I have rewritten the same scene 4 times now-- all different ways, but absolutely of a piece when you average in the suckage factor.

What really gets me is-- the story to this point isn't that bad. I'll post up to where the suckage gets to truly hooverlike proportions-- maybe some feedback will jar something loose. If you can't bring yourself to read a WIP, especially since my last took 3 years to get finished-- don't worry. I won't be offended in the least. Maybe you can indulge in some drive by writing therapy, instead-- what helps you in these situations?

I will say that I'm proud of one thing-- I'm still writing every day. Even if it sucks, I'm making the effort.

This will start a little ways back from where the last part ended, just to give a running start, and because I edited it a bit for the better. Hope everybody else's St. Nick's Day is going better than mine.

more nano novel - read at your peril )
The part I can't get is the next bit, after this where they talk to Ellen. I can't find a convincing way to handle it. And the characters are doing very credible impressions of sock puppets. Wooden sock puppets even....

Sigh. All right, back to it.

UPDATE: Okay, I see something. When I stay close to Giles' and Willow's point of view, it flows a lot better. Buffy's not bad, but the further I get from how things are going for Giles and Willow, the worse it becomes. There's a moral there, somewhere. Must ponder....

Oh, and here's the count as of yesterday:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
26,591 + 5,408
(20.3% more)
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
26,591 + 4,391
(16.5% more)

I'm switching now to the zokutu meter, since with the nano craze over, it should be reasonably stable until next November, and it has this cool extra functionality-- to mark progress past a given threshold. The threshold is what I had completed as of midnight on November 30th. And now there's no arbitrary word count-- it'll end up whatever it ends up, however long it takes. And I'll of course pare it down considerably.

I'm going to go over the next few scenes with more care before inflicting them on the unwary world at large. But in the meantime, I encourage my friends to drop by [livejournal.com profile] liz_marcs journal tonight for a fascinating link--Mark Twain flaming James Fennimore Cooper's Deerslayer series. If you thought flames were an invention of the Internet Generation, you'd be a few years off. But it was heartening to me, to see that, as bad as I sometimes feel I am, I am not quite to this level.

A taste of the whole essay, which every writer and critic should read: In one place in "Deerslayer," and in the restricted space of two-thirds of a page, Cooper has scored 114 offenses against literary art out of a possible 115. It breaks the record.

Brilliant. Ah well. I'll be Lessoning and Caroling tomorrow, but if I can beat something into shape, I'll post the next bit. Night, all.
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Here's the past couple of days of this. As always, comments welcome.

Mother and Child, Continued )
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23,507 / 50,000

and 2291 words on the day, so far. Anybody got a time turner I could borrow?

Huh. For some reason, the nano widget says I'm only down 82 words at this point. I think the programmer who did that one was smoking crack. He or she would have a bright future in one of our software vendors' shops. But let's not go there. Still have a day left on the Thanksgiving weekend holiday.

Here's more of the novel. I'm trying to post it mostly at this point to have a backup of it somewhere. I had an unfortunate incident yesterday involving my typing ability and some 700 words suddenly not being there, and it's made me paranoid (even though I lucked out this time and got them back. But it made me think of all kinds of other possibilities, and ....)

Comments and criticisms welcomed, as always.

Mother and Child, Continued )
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20,177 / 50,000

No, that's not a typo. That's a day off work, a couple of scenes in mind, and a couple of large uninterrupted chunks of time during the day to get them down. I even watched parts of season 7 and 6 in between, to get my mind back in the Buffy space. Because I'm about to attempt to do justice to the scattered multitudes, and I want to get all their voices back in my ear again.

I'm very proud of what I've got today, but that's not what I'm going to post. It's way too long for anyone to digest, especially given the mass quantities of feastlike foods many of my f-list have doubtless been enjoying. Here, instead, is the shorter next section of the story I wrote last night. Enjoy. Or not, as the mood strikes you.

I never thought I'd make it to 20K words. I still probably won't make it to 50K. But just starting this and writing every day has done wonders for me. Thanks to you, friends, both for your encouragement and your examples. You're what I'm most thankful for, this holiday. You, and of course, my small son, who thinks he will soon need to shave. And who's probably right, as fast as the time is passing by.

Peace unto you all.


Part II - Mother and Child )
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Ok, I'm setting my novel in London, which is my first mistake (no, signing up for nano was my First mistake, but hey, let's not go there.) And this is a place I shall Never get to, unless teleportation becomes cheap and reliable as a transportation option. So... I put it to the international f-list: Where does Giles live?

my assumptions/ questions )

In addition to wild speculations and on the spot personal experience, I'd be interested in any links to sites where I can do more research on my own. I'm reading some online versions of London Newspapers to get a feel for the flavor of the writing, which is quite different from ours, in a good way. What papers do you locals read (or avoid) for various things? What would Giles read? (I want to see if my guess is close.)
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Ever add a small detail to a scene, just for color, and find out later that it's The thing you need to introduce your next section?

Like, here I was, trying to figure out plot stuff )

And I got a lot of this first section finished up today-- may not keep all of it, but it was useful to write. Today's word count as of now is: 1472. And for the month:

13,085 / 50,000
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Check it out (total for the month):

11,613 / 50,000

I don't want to inflict any more than I already have today. But I'm quite proud of the effort. Part of the count was a better outline of what needs to happen. But only about 300 or so words-- kind of neglible really, given this total.

Also, why can I come up with good and even reasonably structurally appropriate/ suggestive section titles, but the overarching story/ novel titles suck like great big sucky things? (i.e. Summer) Why??

Here are the three sections for this newest effort, in case they inspire anyone to comment:

A Watcher's Life
Mother and Child
One Girl in All the World

And Small Scout returned home, full of horsemanship lore and excitement, and only the minor injuries and near misses you might expect. He knows how to groom a horse, and slow it down when it gallops, even if he didn't particularly Want to use the latter skill.... And, huh-- looks like he's crashed on the couch. Better go tuck the little cowpoke in bed....

goodnight, all.

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9,440 / 50,000

I'm going to be doing some research for a while, but I have another section to carry this story forward, so I'll post it now. Enjoy, or not, at your discretion.

Read more )
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Okay, I've reworked a little of the past couple of days (but unless my math is off, I end up with a net gain of only 10 words....sigh) and I've got a longer new bit to go with it. I'm liking how Willow is sounding so far. Also like seeing her more mature inner voice and life. One thing I'm having a hard time with is coming to grips with how Giles might believeably be now, estranged from his friends, alone with the weight of the world crushing him. How far to take that and still have him able to function? How far before he's no longer Giles at all?

I've got a kidless day tomorrow as small boy goes off to earn his Horsemanship merit badge with the younger guys in his troop. The older guys get to jump off a perfectly good cliffside and rappel down to the bottom. I'm So glad he's still one of the younger guys. Can't do High Adventure (or death defiance) until you're at least 14. So maybe I can rewatch some Buffy and re-kindle my ideas about this story, listen to the characters tell me what it's about.

Good writing and reading to all, and to all a good night. And back to the Lady Antenna's much friendlier progress meter:

8,491 / 50,000

Willow returns )
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This is actually shaping up into something kind of interesting. I'll probably scrap the later bits-- I think the parts I'm working on now won't fit with them. But it's all still much in flux. I'm starting to daydream and get scenes like I did for Summer, something I never thought would happen again.

Here are some scenes following on those I've already inflicted. I'd still rather have Summer feedback, particularly on the ending, but I know some people enjoy having a part in the creative process, and I am blessed with some extraordinarily wise and creative friends.

What follows is more than today's bit, but they all kind of hang together. Read at your peril! I'm pretty pleased with tonight's part....

Untitled Nano Novel scenes )

And now, Antenna's cool progress meter. I don't think I'll get 50k, but I'll be happy with half that even. And I think it's do-able. Kind of cool...

6,285 / 50,000
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Been a long weekend. Especially adding in an emergency wedding gig which ended just about the time I was supposed to Be At the Concert Hall across town for the last performance of "Solace for Survivors." Both nights went off quite well-- I was hoping for no more than to have no train wrecks, after only about 7 rehearsals on this very difficult music, but it really touched people, myself included. It was quite exhausting, though.

And while I was enduring the wedding, and blocking out the priest's reading all the hopelessly naive things the happy couple had written about each other, I was reflecting on their second reading, from 1 Corinthians, 13:1-13. It's a discussion of what Love is, and one of the thing that struck me as applying to my Giles, post Chosen, was this: "And if I have prophecy and know all mysteries and all knowledge and if I have all faith so as to move mountains yet do not have love, I am nothing. And if I distribute all my goods to feed the poor, and if I deliver my body to be burned, yet do not have Love, it profits me nothing." The passage goes on to describe what Love Does, but not what Love Is. And that makes sense-- we all of us know that Love is much less warm happy feelings than it is what we are willing to Do for those we love.

Here's my difficulty-- Giles Does a great deal for the world. But at some point near the end, probably dating back to Buffy's death in The Gift, he has stopped giving himself fully to those he loves. He's always been reserved. But he's also always been generous, with understanding and support as well as with research and willingness to thrust swords through things that threaten his family.

I'm extrapolating the emotional distance of S7, and assuming it continues and worsens as he takes on re-establishing the Council and takes responsibility of the fate not of one girl, but of hundreds, and it seems to me that he's deliberately avoiding love. He can't bear actually caring personally for anyone, because losing them hurts so damned much now. He pushes the core scoobies away and doggedly trudges away at his empty existence.

Anyway, I'm playing with how a man like this might act, might deal with a new attempt to engage him in the business of humanity. I have to assume Willow and Xander and Buffy and Dawn and Faith at least Tried before scattering all over the globe. I'd be interested to hear others' thoughts on this. I have some new scenes in mind, though I may not be sharing them for a while.

Oh-- here's my revised word count - 235 for tonight. As few as 10 earlier this week. Getting better again, anyway.

5,172 / 50,000
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I don't know if or how I would use it, but I just wanted to check my not so vast knowledge of climate/ conditions in other parts of the world.

In California, what are the season changes like? Are there any to speak of? I would imagine the leaves don't turn the firey bright colors they do here in the midwest.

What about London? Bath? What does it look like where You are right now?

There have been breathtaking firery red/orange/gold leaves this year in Northern Kentucky, and there's a particularly stunning one outside the window nearest my cube today. Made me wonder what Giles would make of the sight, and what it might cause him to think about.

Hey, I've got to get more than 10 words today, which means I need an Idea....

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Ok, here's the scene between Giles and his "almost new friend" he refers to in Grave. POV shifts a lot, but I was just trying to get the backstory down. Feel free to ignore, unless you Like seeing the guts of a new story.... I would still much prefer feedback on Summer, as it is Done! Yes!

I've spent most of this evening rewatching the first half of S7-- mostly Willow or Giles Scenes, but quite a bit of the rest. You know, the first half of this season really wasn't that bad. Lots of ensemble, lots of friends reconnecting. It almost seems that until someone decided to make a Point and have an Agenda (and add a cast of thousands), it was almost back to the show we knew and loved. But I digress. And now to bed. Have to rest up for election day, not to mention a day with the out of school lad, who thought he could leave his backpack hidden in the bushes at school, blame a couple of his little friends for stealing it, and get out of doing homework on his day off. Where Does he come up with these ideas?

3,832 / 50,000

untitled novel scene )
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Since LJ was out all day, and I was for most of it, too, I wrote out a character sketch of Giles, similar to the ones I've seen Antenna do. I was surprised at how helpful I found it-- more so, I think, than if I had just gone with the first couple of sentences and tried to work it into a narrative. I need to go deeper, but this is a start.

And hey, does anyone know if the Buffy comic is out yet? And if so, if it's suitable for children? My little imp was recently turned on to graphic novels by one of his school buddies, and hey-- he's reading. I just need to know if this is something I need to read in the store, or actually buy and bring home.

Oh hey-- I'm going to get Jossed, aren't I? I was always sorry I missed out on that delight of contemporary fandom... Cool.

3008 / 50000

And now-- feel free to ignore this....
My Giles (2 Years Post Chosen) )

Day 2 Words

Nov. 2nd, 2006 08:17 pm
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Ok, this is the first draft of scene 1 of my nano novel. And just to boost the count, I think I'm going to include all the work I did on a preliminary outline, as that in itself is kind of an achievement. Feel free to ignore, of course. I'd much rather have comments on Summer, really. As I have said elsewhere-- it doesn't have to be good (yet)-- just long.

1935 / 50000

Outline/ Notes - Enter at your Peril..... )

And now, the-- whatever it is:
Untitled novel, scene 1 )
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I just clicked on that great word count widget I borrowed from Antenna, and-- the site's gone. I'm now back to trying to use something off the nano site itself, though I don't like that as much. Here's my progress to date: 1030 words today, 398 yesterday.

Going to be in the depressing minus column all month. Bugger.

I'll be posting my first part of my nano novel here later. Remember, it doesn't have to be good. Just long.

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