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Happy Thanksgiving to all who observe it, and happy next week to everyone else. I'm tired, but I'll be okay.

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I have been trying out an app someone on one of the Nano boards mentioned today in my region, and it really, Really rocks. Here's the site:


Be sure to watch the youtube demo. Wee Hob got quite a kick out of it.

Shame I can't make one for his little writing notebook. I better go get him back on task now. I will note one of the things I like about this app is finding out how little time it really takes to get those words to really add up. Especially if quality (or lack therof) is no obstacle.

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I’m working on an original novel this year, newly composed for the occasion. I’m finding it very instructive in a lot of ways. One thing I’m noticing is how it really helps to know who you’re writing about and to have something like a plot. Fanfic helps, but does not guarantee either one. I have neither for this tale.

I’m going to outline what I do have here and what I think is blocking me, and hope folks on the flist can suggest anything at all.

But first, proud mama hobgoblinn wishes to report Wee Hob’s wordcount: 1572 as of yesterday and 139 more today so far, with another write in scheduled for the afternoon after lunch and a hike in a local park. Knights, witches, King Arthur, the French Foreign Legion— what more could you want in a novel? I’ll post some excerpts if he gives me permission later in the month.

Hob's ghost story problems. )

Ideas, prompts, observations welcome.

Nano Update

Nov. 6th, 2008 10:54 pm
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Just a quick drive by to say Wee Hob is rocking on. Even beat my word count today (442 to 412). I also cheated and wrote up a synopsis of where In Loco needs to go next to get around half or 2/3 of my count. Up until then, I had been working on my original story even when it was not going anywhere. I've been learning a lot from it, in ways I'll have to talk about later.

Ah well. I'll have to get his permission to post some of his novel here. It is really funny (sometimes unintentionally so) and I am so proud of him.

Total count for him? 1,411 of 8,000, or 17.64% of his goal. (Sadly, ywp doesn't seem to have the cool widgets like the adult version does. I will not post one for me, as the total is kind of also unintentionally funny. But I've said my goal is to see he makes his, and he's headed that direction. Which is great.)
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But the main news is-- Nano has started, and Wee Hob got 642 words in the first two days. )
And-- I voted today. So did Wee Hob. I'm off in a minute to go home, await my Beloved, and watch returns together (maybe both of us writing on stuff to pass the time, too.) Good night to all.
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Randomness for a random couple of nights before Nano:

First, looks like I have some new, local nanowrimo friends. - And on Virtual and Real relationships. )

Monsignor Update )
And-- Nanowrimo starts Saturday. -- Preparations. )

Guess that's all for tonight.
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Hey friends,

Especially [livejournal.com profile] antennapedia, [livejournal.com profile] xdawnfirex (as Rainne), [livejournal.com profile] clavally, [livejournal.com profile] nemaihne, [livejournal.com profile] father_turtle (as Nathan Blackpen):

Are any of you Not planning to do Nano this year? It's in its 10th year. I'm not going to win, but I think I'm going to participate and commit to writing almost every night, except when my Beloved is here, when I'm sure I can find other uses for my typing fingers....

Oh, sorry. TMI. I ask the people above because they're on my Nano page as friends and it's depressing not to see their word counts get above 0 all month. Any friends who are participating this year, let me know and I'll add you. I'm hobgoblinn, there as well as here.

And Wee Hobgoblinn is getting a Young Writer's Program account (with my email as the contact point, so I can keep an eye on what he does-- I also have his password. Hey, he's 13. And long time readers of this journal know all about his questionable judgement. But I want him to do stuff like this, if he wants to try.) Anyone who wants to leave him encouragement through the month, comment on my journal and I'll see he gets the message.

Also, anybody seen anything from [livejournal.com profile] mini_nanowrimo or [livejournal.com profile] wrisomifu lately? I do want to sign up for the lower word count versions, as I'm more likely to hit those this year.

And for anybody who's curious, I'm planning to do just what i did last year, if not as obsessively. Which is write on things I need to, switching among several stories as I get logjammed on one. I won't tell Chris Baty if you don't. You got the early drafts of In Loco Parentis out of last year's Nano, when I hit the wall on the Lost boys Sequel-- I hope this year to get both a lot closer to finished.
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