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Happy Thanksgiving to all who observe it, and happy next week to everyone else. I'm tired, but I'll be okay.


Jun. 14th, 2008 10:00 am
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Just some random stuff for the week that was.

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Well, I have some work to get done before I go out to the ballpark. Hope to revise a bit of ILP 8 and finish ch 9. And get started on editing my Summer of Giles Epic. I've recently joined a WIP finishing community, and a rolling ficathon where you have to complete a chapter the last Monday of each month. I really need to get something resembling a work ethic. Ah well. Happy Saturday to all.
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I've alluded to it several times the past couple of weeks, and it's already driven me to drink And do karaoke. So it must be serious, right?

Long time flist denizens know that my place of employment is the poster child for dysfunctional system. More work rant-- enter at your own risk )

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May. 11th, 2008 12:22 pm
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I'm having to create this entry manually, as my shiny new macbook, my birthday present-- it came to me on my birthday, my preciousssssss (refurbished, bottom of the line but I like it-- Thanks, President Bush) still isn't completely configured the way I want. I'll have to re-download xjournal and get my account information set up correctly in it-- it's crashing everytime I try to log in.

But just a quick note that ILP-07 is posted for anyone following it-- here's the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4035989/7/

And the good news of the week is, I didn't get laid off. The bad news is-- the same thing. I didn't get laid off. No, I get to wait and watch the implosion from my ringside seat. I'll have to expound on the situation more when I'm not recovering from the late night consoling some of my fellows who did get laid off, a gathering at which I have dim memories of singing Michelle Branch's "Goodbye to You" and not so dim memories afterward of being sicker than I have been in my entire life. I am getting too old for this stuff. But somebody kept refilling my beer glass from the pitcher, and then there was the raspberry margarita the bar gave me for my birthday. Um, yeah. Least I had a designated driver. And I did not yak in their car.

But I have a macbook, it has my writing software and iTunes library on it and will get the rest of my files migrated over tonight. So I won't lose anything when they want my macbook pro back when they cut us loose.

Thanks for all the Mother's Day and Birthday wishes on the f-list. I'm really touched, you guys. I'l catch up more later-- I'm off now to pick up Wee Hob and see what he bought me with the $20 I lent him for the purpose.

And Happy Mother's Day to all the moms on my f-list!
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Longish work rant. Cut to spare the f-list. )

In good news, "In Loco Parentis" is up over 10K hits now. It's passed "Lost Boys" even in hit count now, with less than half the chapters. Of course, I know some people have to go reread previous parts because my updates are so slow, to remember what was going on in earlier sections, while "Lost Boys" was really posted in a couple of big chunks, over a couple of weeks. Still seems odd to me. Though maybe my assessment of relative quality is influenced by the fact that one's done and one I have no idea how it will end up, or how good it will be.

Hope everyone's having a better day than I. On another positive note, Wee Hob gets confirmed tonight.
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