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I was thinking about my LJ friends tonight mostly because I was writing, which is something I do far too little of these days. Did double script pages tonight for Script frenzy, which is to say I'm now up to 10 pages. Then I took a break and read the f-list, checked my yahoo account and saw that ODD was losing its hosting domain. Felt sad that I haven't been to the site in a couple of years, maybe more.

Anyway, fandoms do this, or people change in their reading tastes. We were lucky to have an internet that made possible our entry into fandom even after the glory days of it had passed. I read most of the to me exciting new Buffy stories after the show ceased production and had come out on DVD. Another technology to thank.

I did decide to go with a variant of the Job story for my script, but I decided to focus on a character who knows everything-- what will happen, how all the parts of the universe fit together-- everything but why he's the way he is. Oh, and he likes being around us, so he dwells among us. I haven't worked it all out yet, but I think there's a real difference between the God most people envision-- the one who has a Plan and Makes Things Happen-- and one who just loves and yet gets saddled with a lot of human conceptions of what a God must be like. Like we make God in our own image, ascribe power we maybe think we would like, and none of us is really happier or more enlightened for it. And while we're so busy focusing on power, some of us forget to Love each other and all that, which is really more the point, isn't it?

My character has changed over the ages as he has wandered the earth, and at the moment he seems to be a 16 year old boy who's been accused of murder.

Will have to read the Easter Vigil readings again-- I heard some things that gave me ideas for the story while I was listening and worrying about whether or not I would be able to sing the next Psalm right. But after the very long weekend of singing I was too exhausted to remember anything of use.

I hope you are all well and happy, friends. My eldest turns 20 on the 12th, and Wee Hob will be 17 on the 14th. Where has the time gone?

And I have the music for the opening sequence of my file script: Perpetuum Mobile by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.
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So Wee Hob has had a lovely afternoon playing with the neighbor goblin in the snow. They made Tunnels. We ended up getting about a foot of snow here, all told. I tried to call the neighbor's house and got no answer, so I did have to trudge up and down and back up the hill to their house to collect him. I am getting Waaaay too old for such exertion. But Wee Hob is now safely home from his respite from the Grounding because he had a Very Good Week.

Anyway, tonight he posed this question to me: "Are there live journal communities for things like, I dunno, Charlie Brown?" And I asked, "You mean, that are devoted to writing Charlie Brown fanfiction?" and he said, "Yeah."

I have no earthly idea (though some of the possibilities squick me out in ways I have no intention of discussing with Wee Hob until he's eleven hundred and forty. If Ever.)

But I thought some of you might know. So I lob the question out there on this cold and silent night for Wee Hob. Charlie Brown fanfiction?
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At first, I though it was just an alternate spelling, but now I'm not sure. As I understand it, "Severitus" is a HP fandom lingo for a story in which Snape is somehow Harry's father - biological or adoptive. Right? So what's "Sevitus"? Are they distinct words with different meanings (one biological, one adoption/ mentor fic)? Help me out here, HP fans. I really did try to google this, but I'm not getting anything particularly useful.

ETA: So, consenus is, "Severitus" was originally a particular challenge, not unlike the "Marriage Law" Challenge, and it's been somewhat appropriated to cover fics that share some of the same characteristics as those in the challenge. The name comes from the originator of the challenge. "Sevitus" denotes fics that deal more generally with Snape as father/father figure, but many authors use "Severitus" interchangeably with it.
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Just a quick drive by to remind folks that the [livejournal.com profile] buffyversetop5 is taking recs for your top 5 fics/art/icons-- by genre, pairing, author, Anything. I'm not seeing as many posts this year, certainly not a lot of Giles Love. I need to get in there and rec the top 5 fics I judged/nominated for awards last year-- those links should be easy to find. Getting the time and energy to hunt them down is a pain, though.

Anyway, it runs now to January 20th, so if there was something outstanding you saw in the Buffy/Firefly fandom last year, by all means join the comm and post your recs-- or shoot them my way and I'll do it. More info can be found at the comm, on the link "What's the Sitch".

I better get back to work now. That is all.

Oh-- if anyone is interested, I posted "Through a Glass Darkly" on ff dot net this weekend. So there's a nice shiny new link for that one. The White on Black at Of Demons and Destiny hurts my eyes, really. I'll put up my other Buffy stuff there eventually, if only to have it archived somewhere in case LJ (heaven forfend) ever pulls a Greatest Journal on us. If you want to kill some time, the Cat/ Other LOL macros in the comments pages are mostly hilarious. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] liz_marcs for the heads up on the Implosion of an apparently not viable alternative to LJ.
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