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I can't find it. Can't. And I need it.

A long while back, I asked for and received some comments on who Andrew might compare Willow to in his fanboy geeky kind of way-- a female (ETA: well, of course a superherione Would be female.... sigh) superheroine who can read minds. I need a couple of names.

And now I can't find the entry, much less the comments.

Any ideas? Anyone? Please?

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I know I have a lot of very talented writers on my f-list. I was just re-watching an episode of Buffy to get back in the mind-space, and I wondered--

What episode(s) do you re-watch for
*getting a character mannerism just right
*reminding yourself of a particular theme
*checking a particular relationship dynamic

Or some other thing? I'd really like to know. Obviously, for Ethan Rayne, my options are limited, and yes, I know those.

Oddly, what got me thinking about this was some of Spike's exploring Glory/Ben's place in the first half of "Spiral" (S5)-- just the way his body moves, the mannerisms, the easy grace, the quiet, deadly efficiency. I don't write Spike much, but that was kinda nifty.

On a related note, are there fanfics you turn back to, to get your mind in writing/ creative space again?
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Ok, I'm setting my novel in London, which is my first mistake (no, signing up for nano was my First mistake, but hey, let's not go there.) And this is a place I shall Never get to, unless teleportation becomes cheap and reliable as a transportation option. So... I put it to the international f-list: Where does Giles live?

my assumptions/ questions )

In addition to wild speculations and on the spot personal experience, I'd be interested in any links to sites where I can do more research on my own. I'm reading some online versions of London Newspapers to get a feel for the flavor of the writing, which is quite different from ours, in a good way. What papers do you locals read (or avoid) for various things? What would Giles read? (I want to see if my guess is close.)
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I don't know if or how I would use it, but I just wanted to check my not so vast knowledge of climate/ conditions in other parts of the world.

In California, what are the season changes like? Are there any to speak of? I would imagine the leaves don't turn the firey bright colors they do here in the midwest.

What about London? Bath? What does it look like where You are right now?

There have been breathtaking firery red/orange/gold leaves this year in Northern Kentucky, and there's a particularly stunning one outside the window nearest my cube today. Made me wonder what Giles would make of the sight, and what it might cause him to think about.

Hey, I've got to get more than 10 words today, which means I need an Idea....

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