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A couple of writing communities I participated in over this month asked us to submit our best writing for the month. Here's my now edited version of the flashback scene I shared earlier in the month. I have about half the story written now, and I have some ideas about how it needs to end. It's too long to post as a comment, I think, so it's here behind the cut for anyone who wants to see what I'm most proud of from my work last month.

Fic fragment: from “No Malicious Haunting” (working title) )
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Well, that's a wrap. Maybe if I were home, I would be in a quiet space and I could get a few more words on the month. But no. This is better. I have made a new friend. Wee Hob has been written into the friend's novel as a mud-encrusted Druid who just got knocked in the head for I know not what reason. And I am listening to some surprisingly good blues guitar and harmonica. I have beta'ed a story I've been meaning to get to for several days. I have chatted with a friend in Manchester England. I have drunk a celebratory beer and an obscene amount of coffee. And you know what? I think I want to do it again. Soon.

Writing really is addictive. Makes you feel kind of powerful, when it all goes right. Like when I write a program and I suddenly just *see* how to solve whatever the problem is-- when things just click into place. It does require effort, and making the ground ready, and yes, an inordinate amount of whining at times. But when things click-- it's all worth it.

Congratulations to all on my f-list who were writing this month, in whatever capacity. Take some time to pat yourself on the back, whether you accomplished all you planned or not. If you tried, and struggled even one hour, you did something amazing, and there's a little slice of a world, of lives, of truth about the way we are, that all exist because you poured a little of your soul out for it. Take a moment to savor that.

And thanks to all the readers on my list, particularly the ones who take the time to leave comments for all those writer types. Your efforts are like rain on parched earth, giving writers that little boost when they need it to keep going. You are a necessary and integral part of the process, and I honor you for it.

I am entirely too philosophical tonight. Not sure if it's the mix of low light, beer (only one over an hour ago), waaay too much coffee, waaay too little sleep this month, and jammin' blues. But whatever. I'll go with it. Here's the final nano meter for this year:

Tomorrow, while wee hob is serving time at Saturday School (his history grade is now a 42. Not quite the Nine (9) it was earlier, but down a bit from the 88 he had brought it up to. He is falling into the bad habit of "losing" his homework again. Sad thing is-- he does it at school. In his Learning Strategies Class. There's really no excuse for losing it walking the length of half a hallway to his locker...) I will take stock of my stories and start editing them. Probably the sequel to "Lost Boys" first, as I'd like to get that one done by Christmas. Then last year's Nano Novel (hey [livejournal.com profile] gillo). Last year, I was writing every day well into February-- I'd like to extend that streak a bit if possible.

Good night, congratulations and hugs to all. I raise my glass to you. (Has coffee in it, at the moment.....)
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I'm excited to report that I will be meeting a local wrimo on the South side of the Ohio River this evening for our first and last write-in of the season. Assuming she gets my message about the first coffee shop I picked being Closed on Friday night. I have some vague hope that Wee Hob will write a couple more paragraphs on his story tonight, which for him would be an achievement just as impressive as over 50K words for an adult.

Anyway, 7-? pm EST we will be online for anyone who wants to join in the madness. You don't have to be a wrimo or even writing a novel-- drop by and say hi. My aim id is on my profile page. I'll probably take it off after tonight until next November.

I'll probably write a reflection on the month at some point, too, but I will spare the f-list for today. There are some reflection type questions in the middle school Young Writers Program materials that look helpful-- what worked, what didn't, what was fun, etc. type things, so I will probably fill that out at some point. I will say that a year of writing fairly regularly seems to have made a difference-- I didn't really find 50K words that hard this year, where last I barely hit 26K. (I admit I found 400 hard on some days, and I thank you all again for letting me whine about it.) So, overall, improvement.

Here's the nano widget-- it keeps updating as I add to my count. Cool, huh?

No word yet on my friend, but when it comes it will not be good. Thanks to everyone for the outpouring of good wishes and support. In the cosmic scheme of things, I'm sure it helps.
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Check it out: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/126205

I did it. Well, we did. Thanks to everyone who offered prayers, support, advice, hugs, or who didn't smack me silly for whining about how hard it was at times. Now I owe some beta work to [livejournal.com profile] lady_clover and I still intend to hit a couple more write ins now that I've discovered them, though I will now be editing, not trying to pull 1667 more words out of my -- you know. I still have to finish all three parts of the novel I've imaginatively titled "Triptych", not to mention give Giles another shot at literary criticism.

But for now, I'm taking [livejournal.com profile] lady_clover's advice from the other night and getting a glass of warm milk, some warm jammies and just chilling out. Good night, all.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] antennapedia one last time for her word widget:

50,231 / 50,000

And to [livejournal.com profile] ishtaritu for the icon above.
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Yeah, I think caffeine poisoning and insano hormones may explain the last several whinging posts. I am this close to getting the word count now. None of the stories are "done" but they are getting somewhere. Perhaps not a very good somewhere, but somewhere nonetheless. And I still have 5 days.

[livejournal.com profile] antennapedia's cool word count widget says:

49,664 / 50,000

I have spent the last hour reading the nano boards and seeing what interesting questions people are asking for help on. A couple of the threads actually pertain to something I was doing (and it was cool that I guessed right about one of them.) I may break down and ask my stupid question directly, after I sort through the already posted ones...

That is all.
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Okay, change of pace. I went and read back through my journal, and you know what? That feeling Neil Gaiman was talking about, and that I have been having the past few days-- the discontent, I can't write anything worthwhile and what the hell was I thinking that I could for anyway-- I've had it before. A Lot. Like, every time I have written anything over the past year.

So, here I am at Bruegger's Bagels in the quaint neighborhood of Clifton, by the University of Cincinnati, and I am getting ready to bang out the last little bit I need to win nano. I have a thermos of coffee that's hot, and when the line goes down I will get snacks. I have good music. I have a wee hobgoblinn here doing "research". I have my nano07 icon by [livejournal.com profile] ishtaritu to inspire me. I have a fellow nano-er writing pr0n or something at the next table over (but wee hob can't see that, as her laptop is faced discreetly away from him.) I have others joining me at 2pm. I have 3 hours before I have to leave for mass. I can so do this.

So I will get to it.

ETA: You know, part of my problem may indeed be caffeine poisoning. Today's about the day to check for that, according to the nano boards....
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I have a respectable word count today. So why do I still feel so horrible? So much like I should chuck it all and give up now to avoid the rush?

Some of it is crazy female hormones. Thank God it didn't hit me at the beginning of the month, just as I was trying to start this insanity.

I did start editing "No Malicious Haunting" today-- the working title of my sequel to "Lost Boys." Even though no actual word count came from that-- in fact, if I had kept track strictly, it would probably have resulted in a net loss. Maybe tomorrow I can get something going there and not feel so useless. I really should feel proud of getting a couple of scenes in the other two stories written, even though they suck. But I don't.

I know I'm being irrational, and as close as I am to getting 50K words on the month I should shut up and stop whining. But I can't seem to help it.

Anyway, here's [livejournal.com profile] antennapedia's progress meter:

47,944 / 50,000

And thanks to everyone who's offered support/ sanity throughout the month. I really have appreciated it.
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Another pathetic day. Some of it was the joy of redirecting Hyperactive!WeeHob and taking care of some errands that needed to be run. Later, sloth and reading better fics than mine prevailed. I did get some work done rearranging and reordering my original fic idea to see what it is and where it could go. And a few words, as you see.

Tomorrow, I shall get up earlier, get Wee Hob up earlier, forcibly medicate his little self (I didn't today, because it was so late when he got up and I didn't want him up all night again. I have learned my lesson.) And I shall go out to the internetless Starbucks (internetless in the sense of I am not paying T-mobile for the privilege of surfing the internet while drinking overpriced beverages when I should damn well be finishing my word count) and send Wee Hob over to romp with the goblin down the street for a while. In the afternoon, there's a write in. Another on Sunday. I can do this. I just have to get focussed. Or something.

The irony of posting the progress meter when so little progress has actually occurred is not lost on me.... Thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] antennapedia for it, though:

45,824 / 50,000
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Well, I got a little writing done this morning before social obligations prevailed. Also spilled an entire cup of coffee and caused general havoc and mayhem at an unfortunate Starbucks in Florence KY near the site of said social obligations. 'Least nobody knew me there, and the spill missed my laptop. I did have a slight scare when I suddenly found my laptop keys were no longer registering my keystrokes-- until I discovered I had inadvertently turned on the num lock....

Anyway, I did have some time today to read a bit of my original story idea to an elderly relative and talk through the ideas with a couple of receptive and perceptive people. So, that was cool. And tomorrow, I will write. But tonight, nah. This is enough. Here's the widget:

45,400 / 50,000

I should record here that my little brother turned 40 yesterday. We don't talk as much as I'd like, and apparently much less than I thought, because I have a third niece I Knew Nothing About, the child of his girlfriend. As my brother said, "We all know marriage doesn't work," a sentiment I could not argue, given our unfortunate experiences. My niece, though is, um, 16 months old. My mom and I talk frequently, but she told me she thought it was his news to tell, which is right, I guess. I gave him a very hard time about it tonight. He works nights, which is why I'm always hesitant to call him up just to talk. And we're both horribly busy with our kids and lives. But-- 16 months.

Also realized I really haven't seen my little brother or had much significant contact with him since we both left home about 20 years ago. We have different interests and all, but I just realized how much I miss him, and how proud I am of him and who he's grown into. And how sorry I'm not there to see that more often. Even if he fails to tell me important life information....

Anyway, hope everyone has bonded with relatives and friends today and taken opportunities to reconnect with people you care about. If not-- the weekend's still young. Get to it.

Hugs to you all.

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Okay, I was bad last night-- a paltry count, mostly because I chatted with a new nanowrimo in the local area, setting up a write in meet up on Sunday, and then I got sucked into another rec on [livejournal.com profile] clavally's rec page (Lioness Prophecies). Not her fault-- she recc'ed it ages ago and when I went out I found my login had expired because of some site issues. So when I got the email saying, "hey, you're all fixed" I of course had to go out and see....

I need to get out away from the internetz where I have nothing else to do but force myself to follow these threads of stories-- my stories, not someone else's. That's the goal for the weekend. But now, I have to get ready for the obligatory gathering. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hopefully I'll get something written later.

44,871 / 50,000
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Nothing else much to say. Am taking wee hob to work with me today. Later in the day, I may take him to the rec center or the library branch. But hopefully he'll behave and write his novel in the morning. At the moment, he is dragging his feet about breakfast and getting ready, with much whining.

Happy day to all, and safe travels over the holiday.

word widget:

44,390 / 50,000
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Notes and short snippets in 3 different directions. Need to let it all gel now. Am looking forward to the holiday.

43,123 / 50,000
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I have wanted a nap since before the write in this afternoon. Thank goodness I not only got a scene idea in the shower this morning, but I went to a local coffee shop this morning when I was reasonably awake and got most of it down Before the write in this afternoon.

The write in was cool-- in addition to myself and Wee Hob (who immersed himself today in "research", aka playing his computer game) we had the two women I met yesterday, plus a homeschooled 8th grade girl writing in longhand about Pirates, and another young woman from UC joined us later, plus her boyfriend and the girl's dad (who bought us all little squares of chocolate. Obviously, he knows what writers need. His daughter is a lucky kid.)

It's kind of weird to think it, but I believe I can win nano this year. It's weirder to realize that not one of the three stories I'm writing on this month will be finished at month's end, even with all this time and word count I've been logging. But the experience of forcing myself to write when bank robbery or marine biology sound like much better propositions has in itself been invaluable.

Progress meter says:

41,654 / 50,000

Oh-- check out my new Snape Icon. I thought I should have a few, considering, and these were linked in [livejournal.com profile] snapenews tonight. They're by [livejournal.com profile] knobbykneazle if anyone wants to check them out. Good night, everyone.
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Oddly, Wee Hob asked me this morning when we could go to another write in. Apparently snacks and a quiet place to play his game for research were not terrible yesterday. So we will be at Bruegger's Bagels in Clifton this afternoon to meet some other local wrimos. Official time is 2-4pm, but we will probably be there by 1 EST. Assuming there's an aim connection, anyone out there who wants to check in, please feel free.

And I should shower more often (not that I don't shower enough now....) because this morning I got the flash of a scene I can write today. I'm off now to the Ft Thomas Starbucks with Wee Hob to kill time and words until CCD at 11. Happy writing to all.

Oh-- here's Wee Hob's novel synopsis: "A group of boys get sucked into another world by Giant Spiders."

I can't wait to read it.
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Well, I attended my first write in with people writing in the same room with me. It was small, just Wee Hob, me, and two other women. Apparently the Sunday afternoon one is better attended. We chatted a bit, drank wonderful coffee and tea, and I tried to write, with mixed success.

But Neil Gaimain's pep talk email, about keeping on when the going gets tough, was certainly a welcome boost. I was glad to know I was in such distinguished company, feeling like I wanted to chuck it all and give up on writing for good.

I also went in the nanosprints chat room for a while tonight. Nice people, but the 15 minutes on and off really broke my concentration more than helped it. You need something short to get you started, but once you start, the distraction was not so good. I think [livejournal.com profile] wrisomifu serves the same purpose for me. Just start and promise it'll only be for 10 minutes. Once I get going, I'm fine. And I look up to find an hour or two have passed....

The word counter tells of almost 80% of 50K written. w00t!

39,518 / 50,000

Somebody remind me tomorrow to give wee hob's synopsis of his novel, of which he wrote the first chapter today at the write in before switching to a game for "research purposes." My Wee Hob rocks, have I mentioned that?
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Okay, I have to admit it-- this word count comes Entirely from an edited (and redacted) version of last night's chat with [livejournal.com profile] clavally. And it's all notes, no story to speak of. I was trying to work out what the sequel to Lost Boys was about, and how Dumbledore fits into it.

I'm remembering now how I did some character notes on Giles last year, and how much it helped: My Giles. Maybe I need to do a similar thing with Snape and Dumbledore. I get that I am going to have to make a decision about the kinds of characters I was to work with, just as I did with Lost Boys. But I need some kind of handle on canon before I can strike out on my own.

So, that's what I'll start with today. Looking forward to the write in today at 3.

The progress meter, with thanks as always to [livejournal.com profile] antennapedia:

35,069 / 50,000

ooo--up above 70%. Wow. This really rocks. Will rock more, of course, if I actually get some word count today.

Better go wake up wee hob. I think first order of business is his laundry. I have a cold and it is still offending my nostrils....

Still, new laptop battery means I can write at Ye Olde Laundomat. Score.

Happy Saturday, all.
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Zero progress to report so far-- work, then sang a wedding (where the homily was so boring I thought the bride and groom might join me in falling asleep), then came home and had dinner, then procrastinated a bit. And hey, you've caught up with me, because that's where I still am.

But I wanted to post this now to state, for the record, that Cincinnati is less lame than I thought. I had been getting e-mail from the Dallas/Fort Worth Group (which I affiliated with for the hell of it, as that's near my hometown.) Apparently, the Cinci group has been posting all its events on the forums of the nano site. I went over there today on a whim and found that they're doing one from 3-5 Saturday at Lookout Joe's in Mt. Lookout (Cincinnati neighborhoods all have names-- they're not separate cities really. Very odd, but cool.)

Anyway, I'm told they have wireless internet there, so-- that's where Wee Hob and I will be Saturday afternoon. I'll have my aim open for [livejournal.com profile] sahiya and anyone else who wants to join in, and I'll pass on and tidbits from the "real thing." But you might want to check the forum section of nanowrimo and see if your area is holding any real write-ins after all.

Happy writing, and happy weekend to all.

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Well, last night I wrote the same scene from two different points of view, and I started trying to sort out Dumbledore for this fic. I also took some time at the end of the night to reread some of DH where Dumbledore explains himself to Harry. Certainly gave me plenty of ammunition for why Snape might feel he has nothing to say to Dumbledore, especially one that is only a copy. But it's harder to find exculpatory material that might make a reader (and eventually Snape) desire some kind of reconciliation, not to mention a view of Dumbledore as someone who might convincingly want to, and actually act to, make things right for Snape. Whatever danger I dream up is going to have to be compelling enough to make this happen. But, no pressure or anything. I expect I will have to make a decision about the kind of Dumbledore I want to spend time with, just as I did for Snape, because I find JKR to be all over the lot on him, as well.

Progress meter says:

34,316 / 50,000

Well, better get started on what promises to be a sucktastic day of truly epic proportions. And that's before I even open my laptop tonight to write....
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I was chatting tonight with [livejournal.com profile] sahiya and she suggested another virtual write in. I thought I'd open it up to anyone. [livejournal.com profile] clavally and I had a blast and got a lot accomplished last week. I agreed to 3-5 Saturday again (though I will probably be available earlier than that, and later.) Anyone else who wants to join in, just let me know, or get my aim id from my profile and chat me if you see me on. Again, I use the id for work as well, so, use some discretion with what you say and when you use it. And if you have another idea for a time/day, let me know. I can do more than one, I'm sure. Though wee hob will not be climbing up the side of a perfectly good mountain with his scout troop (least he was not rapelling down it, though he had the harness in case he fell. Which he did not because he is a little spider monkey.)

To go back to the write in, what worked last week was swapping ideas briefly, and shooting off questions when we got stuck. If you want to bring some kind of writing prompt or quote or inspirational something, by all means do so. And anyone who has not read [livejournal.com profile] mistful's post today on Point of View-- go read it now. I love her lemonade-fueled stories of her writing adventures, particularly how purple space monkeys may still legitimately put in an appearance in the final novel of her trilogy....

Hope everyone is okay, whether writing, reading or otherwise. I'm still slogging away at this scene, so no word count yet. But let me hear from you, friends. Give me something to look forward to when this scene is finished. (At least Snape hasn't yet stopped me and said something cutting about my writing ability like Giles did a couple of nights ago....)
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Well, okay, this is better. I wrote some notes on where all my stories were, then wrote up the last clear "this needs to happen scene" I had in my mind for the Lost Boys sequel. So, still scary thinking what I have to come up with tomorrow, but I'm pleased with the progress tonight.

And [livejournal.com profile] antennapedia's progress meter says:

32,398 / 50,000

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and comments on my last couple of posts. It's been really quiet out here lately. Though I suppose I have been a bit quiet here, myself. Hugs to all, particularly anyone feeling neglected. November will be over eventually....
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