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Oddly, Wee Hob asked me this morning when we could go to another write in. Apparently snacks and a quiet place to play his game for research were not terrible yesterday. So we will be at Bruegger's Bagels in Clifton this afternoon to meet some other local wrimos. Official time is 2-4pm, but we will probably be there by 1 EST. Assuming there's an aim connection, anyone out there who wants to check in, please feel free.

And I should shower more often (not that I don't shower enough now....) because this morning I got the flash of a scene I can write today. I'm off now to the Ft Thomas Starbucks with Wee Hob to kill time and words until CCD at 11. Happy writing to all.

Oh-- here's Wee Hob's novel synopsis: "A group of boys get sucked into another world by Giant Spiders."

I can't wait to read it.
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Well, I attended my first write in with people writing in the same room with me. It was small, just Wee Hob, me, and two other women. Apparently the Sunday afternoon one is better attended. We chatted a bit, drank wonderful coffee and tea, and I tried to write, with mixed success.

But Neil Gaimain's pep talk email, about keeping on when the going gets tough, was certainly a welcome boost. I was glad to know I was in such distinguished company, feeling like I wanted to chuck it all and give up on writing for good.

I also went in the nanosprints chat room for a while tonight. Nice people, but the 15 minutes on and off really broke my concentration more than helped it. You need something short to get you started, but once you start, the distraction was not so good. I think [livejournal.com profile] wrisomifu serves the same purpose for me. Just start and promise it'll only be for 10 minutes. Once I get going, I'm fine. And I look up to find an hour or two have passed....

The word counter tells of almost 80% of 50K written. w00t!

39,518 / 50,000

Somebody remind me tomorrow to give wee hob's synopsis of his novel, of which he wrote the first chapter today at the write in before switching to a game for "research purposes." My Wee Hob rocks, have I mentioned that?
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Zero progress to report so far-- work, then sang a wedding (where the homily was so boring I thought the bride and groom might join me in falling asleep), then came home and had dinner, then procrastinated a bit. And hey, you've caught up with me, because that's where I still am.

But I wanted to post this now to state, for the record, that Cincinnati is less lame than I thought. I had been getting e-mail from the Dallas/Fort Worth Group (which I affiliated with for the hell of it, as that's near my hometown.) Apparently, the Cinci group has been posting all its events on the forums of the nano site. I went over there today on a whim and found that they're doing one from 3-5 Saturday at Lookout Joe's in Mt. Lookout (Cincinnati neighborhoods all have names-- they're not separate cities really. Very odd, but cool.)

Anyway, I'm told they have wireless internet there, so-- that's where Wee Hob and I will be Saturday afternoon. I'll have my aim open for [livejournal.com profile] sahiya and anyone else who wants to join in, and I'll pass on and tidbits from the "real thing." But you might want to check the forum section of nanowrimo and see if your area is holding any real write-ins after all.

Happy writing, and happy weekend to all.

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I was chatting tonight with [livejournal.com profile] sahiya and she suggested another virtual write in. I thought I'd open it up to anyone. [livejournal.com profile] clavally and I had a blast and got a lot accomplished last week. I agreed to 3-5 Saturday again (though I will probably be available earlier than that, and later.) Anyone else who wants to join in, just let me know, or get my aim id from my profile and chat me if you see me on. Again, I use the id for work as well, so, use some discretion with what you say and when you use it. And if you have another idea for a time/day, let me know. I can do more than one, I'm sure. Though wee hob will not be climbing up the side of a perfectly good mountain with his scout troop (least he was not rapelling down it, though he had the harness in case he fell. Which he did not because he is a little spider monkey.)

To go back to the write in, what worked last week was swapping ideas briefly, and shooting off questions when we got stuck. If you want to bring some kind of writing prompt or quote or inspirational something, by all means do so. And anyone who has not read [livejournal.com profile] mistful's post today on Point of View-- go read it now. I love her lemonade-fueled stories of her writing adventures, particularly how purple space monkeys may still legitimately put in an appearance in the final novel of her trilogy....

Hope everyone is okay, whether writing, reading or otherwise. I'm still slogging away at this scene, so no word count yet. But let me hear from you, friends. Give me something to look forward to when this scene is finished. (At least Snape hasn't yet stopped me and said something cutting about my writing ability like Giles did a couple of nights ago....)
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Well, my first virtual write-in went quite well. [livejournal.com profile] clavally the Pirate Wench was wonderful company, and we helped each other out a bit with encouragement and advice. I'd like to do another one, scheduled or not. If anyone is online and sees that I am, by all means send me a message, telling me to get back to work, if nothing else.

I could have used someone doing that last night. I wrote Zero words on the day. After I dropped off the dear Wee Hob with the scouts for his camping trip this weekend, I went home and got sucked into an old SS/HG fic "Falling Further In." It seems, as near as I can tell, to be the "Transformations Quartet" of the HP fandom-- brilliant and well worth reading, though it will probably never be finished. I am so glad this author put it out there, even as it is-- the voices, the relationships, the plot, the believable progression of the friendship between Snape and Hermione blossoming into something else, the multifaceted presentation of all the characters-- truly a tour de force. I do hope this author is out there somewhere writing, and getting paid for, original fiction. If anybody knows, by all means tell me. The ff.net version seems corrupted (some parts refuse to load) , but here's a good link: http://www.obscurusbooks.org/html/KazVL/FFI/

Well enough blather. I better get back to making up for yesterday night's sloth. Here's my contribution to my f-list's linguistic literacy:

edite plus christianos. MMMMMMMMMM leones non possunt errare.

translation: )

I'll check in with a word count at the end of my writing day. Hugs to all.
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