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First, hello friends. I've often thought of you, longingly, as I have been grading papers, planning lessons, and making a new life with my Beloved and Wee Hob. Term is over and it went pretty well-- I just have a handful of ungraded papers I set aside for the end so I could check them for Plagiarism.

Below the cut, I have a draft FAQ I'm thinking about putting into my syllabi next term. I'd appreciate comments, especially from teachers past or present. It discusses plagiarism, among other things.

Hope everyone's well. I'll try to skim back through the past 3 months or so on this planning week before the next term starts-- I should have more time as I've taught these classes a time or two now and know what to expect. May even have some time to write, or at least apply beta comments on No Malicious Haunting, something I've been doing in my head the past month or so.
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Greetings, friends, and apologies for the long silence. I am in week 11 of my first 12 week term, and final exams are next week. I have got through this first venture into teaching fairly unscathed. As one might imagine, the administrative nonsense trumps anything my students can do. Most of the fainthearted have already been dropped for extreme lack of attendance, and are therefore no longer my problem. Except there's this silly little instructor retention percentage to contend with and meetings with said administration to find ways of boosting student retention. Sigh.

But enough of that. I have exams to write. I discovered a great book by Douglas Cazort called Under the Grammar Hammer, and I have presented it in my Developmental and Business English classes using this handout (apologies for the link to the blog-- the handout is a pdf and I wasn't sure how to attach it to my own journal.)

At any rate, if anyone still remembers me fondly and feels inclined to butcher some English in a good cause, I am finding it harder than it looks to deliberately commit particular grammatical sins. It's even harder to commit sins obvious enough for my students to pick up which rule is being broken. If you think you have what it takes, please reply to this post.

Also, If anyone has a good web resource for generating sentences that can be stolen for exams with impunity, I'd love to hear about that, as well. I had a most uncomfortable discussion with a student about plagiarism recently, but I still caught myself contemplating stealing practice sentences later the same day. Funnily enough, the Cincinnati Enquirer often has ready made mangled sentences there for the taking.

Hope everyone is well. I'll check in again in about a week and a half. Love to all.

(ps-- things with my Beloved are still going quite well.)

Update: I've decided to try to write sentences on how hard it is to write bad sentences, and what my high school English teacher, god rest her soul,'s reaction would have been. Kind of a narrative, using the different rules. I'll put it all out, behind a friends lock when I get done....
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Greetings, friends. Or at least, those who still remember me after the long silence. Life's going the way life does, and I am halfway through my first quarter of teaching and just now beginning to almost realize how much I don't know what I'm doing.

Cut for everyone but extremely bored English teacher types. )

I haven't had much time to come up for breath, but when I have, I have thought fondly of everyone. My Beloved will be here in about a week now, here to stay for good. Even when I have bad days, I still love this job more than any other I've had. Hope all is well with everyone.
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